In the Word

Day by Day in the Word presents: Day by Day In Ephesians

– a devotional and Bible study guide

Day by Day in Ephesians  is an excellent resource for Bible study groups and Sunday School classes…

  • Theological themes are noted.
  • Daily entries proceed verse-by-verse through Ephesians
  • Will enable you to teach informative classes for over six months
  • A map of Asia Minor is included
  • An introduction to Ephesians is included

Don Atkinson


  • Founder of Day by Day in the Word ministry
  • Competed a significant amount of coursework towards a Master of Divinity (MDiv.) degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Active in his local church

Key Features of this Devotional/Bible Study Guide


  1. Affordably Priced
  2. Daily Entries give Bible-based insight into all verses
  3. All verses are interpreted in a conservative manner
  4. “Thought for the Day” feature encourages reader to apply biblical truths presented daily