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Welcome to Day by Day in Ephesians. This daily devotional is a product of Day by Day in the Word, a nonprofit, nondenominational Christian ministry. You are to be commended for selecting a daily devotional that deals exclusively with just one book of the New Testament.

Providing all the daily devotionals from the same biblical book has merit for Christians for at least three reasons. First, context (literary, historical, political) is a vital element in correctly interpreting and applying Scripture in the twenty-first century that was written in the first century AD. Consequently, I have included two introductions—one to the NT and one to the epistle of Ephesians. In addition, because all the devotionals are based on verses in Ephesians, they revolve around verses having the same context. Second, each book of the Bible has a geographical context as well as a cultural context. Therefore, you will find a map of Asia Minor on page 15. Third, continuity or organization of a devotional is important. This devotional follows, verse-by-verse, the content of Ephesians—which is God’s flow of thought.

As you read and reflect on the devotionals, you will be exposed to theological themes such as:

  • the nature of salvation
  • unity of all believers
  • how the gospel relates to the mystery of God
  • the universal church or the body of Christ

It is my desire that you will draw closer to God as you better understand the spiritual blessings God included in your salvation. Some of God’s spiritual blessings include:

  •  being chosen in Christ before foundation of the world      1:4

though dead, you were made alive with Christ      


you were predestined to adoption


you received redemption through Christ’s blood


you were sealed in Christ with the Holy Spirit


you are Christ’s workmanship created for good works


you were chosen to be holy


Further, I trust this devotional will:

  • help you see God and His only begotten Son, Jesus, more clearly so you will be transformed by His Word and the Holy Spirit;
  • equip you to discover truths concerning what the Godhead planned for your salvation;
  • encourage you to assimilate these truths into your heart and apply them in practical ways in your daily life.

May you “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”  (2 Peter 3:18) as you read, reflect on, and apply the truths God presents in His epistle to the Ephesians.

—Don E. Atkinson

Day by Day in Ephesians

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